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Lecture 3

CLAS 202: Lecture 3 Video Notes

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Classical Studies
CLAS 202
Daniel Hutter

 Etruscans believed eternal life after death (built tombs)  Plebeians were allowed to vote, but only Patricians were allowed to run for senate  Siscero made it to senate even though his parents were not in it  Spartacus was a slave forced to fight as a gladiator, but escaped and gathered tens of thousands of slaves to side with him (slave revolt)  Gaius Julius Caesar o Enlisted in the army at 18 o Driven by ambition to become powerful and match Alexander the Great o Demanded unwavering loyalty from his soldiers o Caesar was seen as a power hungry warlord o With Pompey and Crassus, Caesar was able to stand up against any opposition o Had an army large enough to defeat Gaul o Caesar declared civil war on Rome and was victorious o Pompey fled to Egypt with Caesar in pursuit o Egypt presented Caesar with a gift; the head of Pompey  Caesar and Cleopatra began a love affair  Caesar became a dictator of Rome
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