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COMM 101
Laura Allan

Art of the Pitch Tuesday, January 22, 2013 8:24 AM Objective - Prepare you for Individual Pitch assignment ○ In labs the week of February 4th - Improveindividual presentation skills - Set you up for success in real world because… - EVERYTHING IS A PRESENTATION PerfectingY ourPitch PITCH Instructions Contents for investor funding - Elements ○ Pain statement  Demonstrateneed product will address  Why there is need to your product ○ Gain statement  Demonstratevalue proposition and competitiveadvantage - how your product solves the pain ○ WIIFM - what is in it for me?  Demonstratewhy idea is worth investorgiving more time to listen  Theses elements must be presented clearly and concisely  Logical structure is essential - Notes! • It's a conversation(not speech), only you're doing most of talking (person needs to feel that you are talking to them) • Be yourself - nothing morepowerful • Know your stuff (memorize=> stiff and unnatural) • Make it personal - make an emotionalconnection  Show passion  People rememberhow you made them feel - Opening - start with bang • Make bold claim  "In 5 years this industry will not exist as we know it." • Invite them to imagine  "imagine a company where everyoneis one integrated team.." • Present a striking fact or statistic  "25,000people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes." • Ask a question  "How many of you have used the internet today?" • Tell a brief story or anecdote  Must be relevant • Use an aphorism or proverb  "He who hesitates is lost. Therefore we much act now."  "He who hesitates is lost. Therefore we much act now." • Make it mysterious - very risky => don't get point of your presentation  Give them ambiguous clues before making your point (risky) • Introduce an analogy of metaphor  "Customersare like plants in a garden. If you nurture them they'll grow, and if you don't they'll die." • Start with a quote  "quality is rememberedlong after the price is forgotten"Gucci family slogan  "I don't think of you as a supplier, I think of you as part of my team - that's what a c
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