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COMM 101
Laura Allan

Business CommunicationsTuesday January 15 20131014 AMKey Concepts from TextNatashas notesSix Principles of Stickiness SUCCESs Model4 principles of business writing Simpleconvey message in a simple way33 Writing ProcessSimplecorecompact Adapting to Task and Audience Find core of message Understand objective and audience Commanders intent no plan survives contact with enemy Audience focus you view converation but Matter of forced prioritization professional positive VS negative courteous Dont bury the lead strip away to corebiasfree language plain language and familiar Communicate the corewords precise and vigorous wordsUse proverbs simple but profoundWriting in Teams not testedUse existing schema simplify sth complicated use what is One voice through out writing already in peoples mindsUse analogiesUse generative metaphors Disney workers go into role in real lifeKey Concepts Curse of knowledgeunderstand so well but expect others to Create cluster diagrams not testedknow the sameOrganizing ideas direct VS indirect pattern not Unexpectedgets attentiontestedGet audience to pay attentionCreate effective sentences Need surprise and interest not regular logicCommon sentence faults preferring short Violate expectations make uncommon sense sentences emphasizing important ideas Be counterintuitive uncommon senseactive and passive voice dangling and Nordstroms high end department store train people to misplaced modifiersperform at level they need to Drafting powerful paragraphs Tell stories of nordies ironing wrapped presents Different paragraph plans paragraph warmed up cars etccoherence even flow and patternGenerate interest and curiosity Revising for conciseness Open gaps in knowledge so they want to know moreget Flabby expressions long leadins unnecessary interestfillers redundancies empty
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