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COMM 101
Laura Allan

Business ModelsTuesday January 15 20131014 AMBusiness Models How you intend to make money with your Business Model ideaTurning your idea into a profitable business or a business model describes the rationale of how an organization sustainable notforprofit creates delivers and captures value Alexander Osterwalder How company intends to make moneyHow your idea actually becomes a business that makes money Business Models Made Easy Dan DebelakDifferent companies can have similar offerings but different business models GEL Factor AnalysisChoose one that makes most sense affect how you operateGGreat CustomersModels affect strategyways of operating EEasy SalesExamplesLLong Life Consumer Reports Subscription Based VS TIME Advertising ObjectiveBasedFine tune idea so it delivers all GEL factors and youll be able to develop Consumer Reports focus on selecting content readers better business model and write great business plan willing to pay for FactorsSubFactors CriteriaAWAKETIME selecting content to attract readers advertisers CharacteristicsNumberYeswant to sell toGEase of Finding YesMovie Theatre Spending PatternYesMake money on refreshments instead of tickets Refreshment stand staffing critical Great Value to YouValue of SaleLong lines dissuade people from buyingCustomersRepeat SalesYes efficient staffOngoing Sales SupportYesUpselling makes more moneyValue to CustomerHow important Yespersuasivegood sales staffECompetitive AdvantageYesManual Razor VS Electric Razor PriceValue RelationshipYesManual Cheaper recurring profit with blades Easy SalesCustomer Entry PointsYesVirtually gives away handle and makes profit Sales Support RequiredYesAcquisition Costselling steady supply of razor bladesPromotional ActivitiesYesCompensated by special Gillette blade that are Profit per SaleMarginsYes Leasy to replaceUpSelling and CrossSelling ElectronicPromotional ActivitiesYesMake money upfront Long LifeInvestment To Enter BusinessYesRequired To Keep Market ShareTo stay on the Cutting EdgeYes DesiredGreat CustomersHighNumberCustomer CharacteristicsImportanceTightly define customer groupNeed enough customer base to cover running cost business meet income expectations enough Target same groupfunds to keep sales momentum business expansionsSalespeople sell product while When Its Key Concerncustomers worry ab how Productservice is inexpensive product solves problemmeet Opportunities for repeataddon sales are limited upsellingcrosssellingdesireCustomers cant find your business easily not easily accessible Find characteristics of People dont know about your type of product business or servicecustomers that make them CompensationSolutionstrong candidate to buy Present compelling reason to buy product Devoted distribution channelIn places where customers go Part of network organization serving same customer group EasyEase of FindingImportance Either easily locate customersbe easy for them to locate youMay need to spend and spend to find themcost prohibit successWho are they and how to find them When Its Key Concern cant depend on finding customers easily Customers belong to clubs or associations related to your productTrade or consumer magazines targeted at your customer group Week 21 Page 1
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