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COMM 101
Laura Allan

Marketing Reaching the CustomerSunday February 3 2013735 PMKey Chapter Concepts Creating Marketing StrategiesClassifying consumer products vs classifying business productsStages of the life cycleIndicators of stageIndustryproductAltering the speed of cyclePlanned obsolescence meant to make you buy moreClothes fashion cycle new stylebuy more speed you through one to get another oneAwake What are they going to doFlavoursMulti PacksInclusionsStrengthsPortionSizePricing ObjectivesHow markups are determinedPricing strategiesDistributionPlaceChannels and marketing intermediariesDifferent alternative ways to get to consumersWhat members of intermediaries are you going to use to bridge the gap btw you and the consumer Alternative channel arrangements and strategic channel alliancesUnderstand what those channels will actually do for youFunctions of distribution channelsIntensity of distribution related to product classificationPromotionObjectivesPromotional mix and integrated communicationsFactors affecting the mixPush vs pullTrends Product Classification Understanding Buying DecisionsConvenience GoodServiceStaples branding max exposure shelf positionBread butter Packaging brand has to be stuck in their mindImpulse goods max exposure shelf position P of P point of purchase of positionMagazines at checkout Emergency goods near P of P readily accessibleShopping GoodServiceHomogeneous exposure for price comparisonOnly compare pricesHeterogeneous exposure near similar products Week 51 Page 1
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