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University of Waterloo
COMM 101
Laura Allan

Marketing Understanding the CustomerThursday January 24 2013630 PMWhat is Marketing an integrated system of activitiesdesigned to plan price promote and distribute wantsatisfyinggoods and servicesto present and potential customersCreate perception that product is what they are looking forKey 2 integrated system of activities Key 1 wantsatisfying goods and servicesRelated to providing a wantsatisfyinggood or serviceUsed to be sell what you produceNow its produce what you cansellProduction Sales Customer OrientationThe Marketing ConceptCreate customer valueDeliver customer satisfactionBuild relationshipsBUT the product must not only provide a particular benefitsatisfy a particular want or need but it must be needed or wantedPeople want Cola but they are getting it Need to achieve want it and need it and not finding itit must provide a unique benefit that the competition does notTarget MarketKey Chapter Concepts the group of customers to whom you wish to direct your product toward Understanding the Customer Want the product but dont have it a group of customers whose wants and needs have not been met by the competitionMarketing conceptSteps to defining a Target MarketCustomer value and customer satisfactionMarket Segmentation on the base of them having something in common Relationship marketing and customer relationship managementBases for SegmentationTarget marketstateofbeingCompetitive advantage 3 typesgeographic region popn size popn density climatePorters Generic Competitive Strategiesdemographicage gender lifecycle income occupatn educatn lab manual pg 97religion social class etcValue proposition what are you providing that is different from otherscustomer type business consumer handled differently Business Model CanvasstateofmindMarketing mix
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