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University of Waterloo
COMM 101
Laura Allan

EQI and DISCTuesday January 22 2013823 AMHistory 1800sDarwin Ability to read emotions led to mans survival 1905 First formal IQ test1920sEdward ThorndikeBest mechanic in a factory may fail as a foreman for lack of social social intelligenceintelligence 1940sDavid WeschlerDavid developed an IQ testnonintellectiveaffective factorsEssential for predicting ability to succeed in life Models of intelligence not complete without EQ1970s Howard Gardner Include two varieties of personal intelligence interpersonal and multiple intelligencesintrapersonal1980sKeithBeasleyReuven BarOn BarOn developed EQi we tookemotional quotient 1990Peter SaloveyJohn Mayer How is it someone so smart can do sth stupid emotional intelligence Presidential candidate having affairsFirst used emotional intelligence term1995Daniel Goleman Daniel technical writer for TIMES was doing researchfound Salovey emotional intelligence Why it can and Johns reportpopularized EQlost bit of integrity academic is matter more than IQagainst itEQ VS IQ What is EIAn array of noncognitive emotional and social capabilities competencies and skills that influence ones ability to succeed in IQEQcoping with environmental demands and pressuresBook smartStreet smartThe ability to perceive emotions to access and generate emotions so as to assist thought to understand emotions and Static measureFulfill potential IQ gives youemotional meanings and to reflectively regulate emotions in Born with itCan be trained ways that promote emotional and intellectual growth Stops at 17Emotional intelligence is set of emotional and social skills that influence the way we perceive and express ourselves develop People with highest levels of IQ and maintain social relationships cope with challenges and use outperform with average IQ just 20 of the emotional information in an effective and meaningful waytimeNaturally increase as you mature and face real life experiences People with average IQ outperform those with high IQ 70 of the time IQ doesnt and cant predict success in lifeIQ can predict on average 6 of success in a give job EQ is not the same as personality Measures of EIPeter Salovey and John Mayers MSCEITReuven BarOns EQi First scientifically validated and most widely usedDaniel Golemans ECI competence inventory more in corporate environmentEQi Model of Emotional Intelligence Week 31 Page 1
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