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University of Waterloo
COMM 101
Laura Allan

Entrepreneurial Finance Tuesday February 12 2013733 AMLearning Objectives7 Principles of Entrepreneurial FinanceUnderstand how to Measure and Analyze Financial Information from a Startup Entrepreneurs Real human and financial capital must be rented from owners1PerspectiveReal estate moneyaWhatdo you need to knowThe owners all want return and wants to be worth it to lend it to youbPrinciples of entrepreneurial financeRisk and expected reward go hand in hand2While accounting is the language of business cash is the currency3Financing vehicles used at different stagesNew venture financing involves search negotiation and privacy4Measures of financial performance statementsA ventures financial objective is to increase value5Survivalcash breakevenIt is dangerous to assume that people act against their own selfinterests6Cash budgetingOnly interested for potential growth and money aMidtermVenture character and reputation can be assets or liabilities 7Evaluating financial performance ratiosCash burn and build ratesContribution analysisHowdo you need to know itFinancing through the Venture Life Cycle Why do you need to know itMeasuring Financial PerformanceWhy maintain a record of operationsProvide feedback for internal decisionmaking Provide information for creditors and investors to make decisionsReflect the ventures initial and developing assets and ownershipRecord sales and costs and whether making a profitGain understanding of how cash is generated and depletedInterpret financial situation and project when reach breakevenWhere recordedBalance Sheet Statement of Financial PositionRecords ASSETS including cashRecords financing obtained by owners OWNERS EQUITY and lenders LIA
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