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Lecture 2

Lecture 2 - Innis' Bias and Language This note goes over Innis' bias of media - space vs. time based medias - as well as language. It also explains (or 'unpacks') the readings of the week.

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University of Waterloo
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CS 100
Alexandra Boutros

September 29 2010 The concepts of time and space reflect the significance of media to civilizationMedia that emphasise time are those that are durable in character such as parchment clay and stone media that emphasise space are apt to be less durable and light in character such as papyrus and paper Innis Bias of Media Time clay stone Space paper new media Heavy Light Records Transmits maintenance ExpansionLanguageFirst system for representing infoDefining characteristics of being humanAll culturessocietiesgroups share similarly complex languages and phonological systemsLanguage is innate Reading InnisAncient Egyptian civilization changed from a monarchy to a more democratic social order when it moved from using stone tablets as a dominant form of medium to papyrus as a dominant mediumThis is a shift from a time ba
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