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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 - Print The answers to a few questions on the film "The Day The Universe Changed" as well as a review on what was talked about in previous lectures and this one. October 6th, 2010.

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 100
Alexandra Boutros

thOctober 6 2010 Print ReviewSpeech is often understood as an innate human abilityFirst system for representing informationLiteracy conceptualized as first communication technologyWriting involved the adaptation of natural materials the creation of communication media papyrus clay are both mediasWriting requires special tools and special skills the creation of a special classspecialistsGreek alphabet from which our alphabet is descendent appears around 730 BCEGreek alphabet said to have democratized writing Havelock 38 writing no longer confined to a group of specialistsScholars Havelock Ong make a distinction between the type of cultures and social organizations possible with literacyorality Text before PrintLiteracy remained limited in scope before the creation of the printing press Havelock 41Literacy did not lead automatically to a li
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