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Lecture 5

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 137
Andrew Morton

Programming Lecture 5 Assertions  Syntax o assert (expression);  If expression is true, does nothing  If false, terminates program with error message  Contains filename, line number, function name, expression o Uses  Debugging  Tests assumptions and fails “loudly” rather than “quietly”  Catches future modifications that break your logic  #include bool leap (int year { assert (year>1582); if (year%400==0) return true; … }  … else if (leap(year)) printf(“%d is a leap year\n”, year); else printf(“%d is not a leap year\n”, year); printf(“%d is%s a leap year\n”, year, leap(year) ? ””:”not”); Separate Compilation  in powers.c file o int square (int num) { return num*num; } o int cube (int num) { return square(num)*num; } o int quartic (int num) { return square(square(num)); } o int quintic (int num) { return cube(num)*square(num); }  Declaration before use requires that o Square precedes cube, quartic and quintic o Cube precedes quantic  For testing, define main() and others in main.c file o # include int quartic (int number); int quantic (int number); void testQuartic(int num) { printf(“%d^4=%d\n”, nm, quartic(num)); } void testQuintic (int num) { printf(“%d^5=%d\n”, num, quantic(num)); } int main (void){ testQuartic (3); testQuntic (2); }  Function declaration o External view o Return type o Name o Parameter type(s)  Names optional o Eg:  int square (int number);  Function definition o Internal view o Includes the declaration o There can only be one per function across all files o Eg:  int square (int num
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