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Lecture 16

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Computer Science
CS 137
Andrew Morton

Programming Lecture 16 November 13, 2012 Switch Statement  switch (expression) { case constant.expression: statement // end with “break;” case constant.expression: statement // end with “break;” … default: statements } Example #include void standing (char grade) { switch (grade) { case ‘A’: case ‘a’: printf(“Excellent\n”); break; case ‘B’: case ‘b’: printf (“Good\n”); break; case ‘C’: case ‘c’: printf(“Satisfactory\n”); break; case ‘D’: case ‘d’: printf(“Poor\n”); break; case ‘E’: case ‘e’: printf(“Fail\n”); break; default: printf(“Invalid grade\n”); } } Dynamic Storage  #include , malloc, free  void *realloc (void *p, size _t size); o Reallocates previously allocated block of memory (usually to make bigger) o Pointer may change o Can grow by appending storage or allocating new storage and copying contents Example Safe.h void *safeMalloc (size_t size); void *safeRealloc (void *p, size_t size); // Repackage malloc and realloc to check for failure Safe.c #include “safe.h” #include void *safeMalloc (size_t size) { void *p = malloc(size); assert (p); return (p); } Pointers to structs example struct tod {int hour, minute;}; struct tod *t = (struct tod *) malloc (sizeof(struct tod)); // accessing members are (*t).hour = 18; or t->hour = 18  Better arrays o Grow a
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