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Lecture 3

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 3 January 15, 2012 C++ References  Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel o  Professional programmer help forum o  C++ Standard Library API reference o Advice  Always use curly brackets for if/switch/for/while  Use ++/-- operators as standalone stmt  Prefer for over while loops, if a for makes sense  struct vs. class o If you’re going to program in procedural style and not define methods per entity kind, then use STRUCTS o If you’re going to program in OO style and define methods per entity kind, use CLASSES to organize data and operations on them o Don’t mix struct and class Boolean type  Two special values: o True o False bool done=false; while (!done) { //do stuff if (…) {done=true;} }  C and C++ let you treat numbers as Boolean values o 0=false o 1=true if (n) (n==0) (p=NULL) (NULL == p) C++ strings  Much nicer, more convenient, and safer than char*  Only use char* when dealing with legacy C compatibility o Eg: argv[]  Need to say “#include #include … int main (…) { string fruit = “apple”; string tree=”pine”; cout << tree+fruit << endl; string f=tree+fruit; if (“pineapple”==f) { cout <
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