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Lecture 6

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 6 January 24, 2013 Vector Review  Vector is a CONTAINER data structure from C++ STD o Like a C-style array except…  Generic and type-safe  Index bounds checking is possible  Can be resized on-the-fly  Either one element at a time or in chunks o Other STL data structures:  Deque  List  Map  Set  Iterating through a vector o Simple, normal, numerical approach o Abstract, powerful but confusing way w/ STL iterators  Useful vector API o o v.push_back(..) o v[i] o v.pop_back(..) o v.size() o v.front() o v.capacity() o v.back() o v.empty() o v.begin() o v.resize(int) o v.end() o v.reserve(int) int main (...) { vector v; v.push_back ("Reimer"); v.push_back ("Scrivens"); v.push_back ("Luongo"); for (int i=0;i::const_iterator i=v.begin(); i!=v.end();i++) { cout<
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