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Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 2 Thursday, January 10, 2013 More useful commands  echo o Write arguments, separated by spaces and terminated with newline o Evaluates written variables when in “ ” or no quotes, echos string in ‘ ‘  Globbing o Command-line pattern expansions o Apply only to args (often, file names) not commands or options o * matches 0 or more characters  q* matches filenames that start with q of any length  DOES NOT MATCH DOTFILES o ? matches 1 character  q*.?? matches o {…}  Alternative in the set o […]  One character in the set o [!...]  One character not in the set o [0-3]  Ranges using hyphen o Examples  $ ls *.pdf *.txt  List all pdf and txt  $ rm *.docx *.doc *.pptx *.ppt  Remove all Office files  $ cd /Users/migod/Music/iTunes/iTunesMusic/BiebersGold  …  find o Searches for files/dirs. within a directory hierarchy, according to various stated criteria o Find [ dir-list ] [ expr ] o Options  -name pattern restricts file names to globbing pattern  If dir-list omitted, search starting in current dir  If expr omitted, match all file names (like –name “*”)  -type f | d  Select only normal files/directories  …  -not expr  Logical not, and and or  … o Examples  $ find –name “t*”  Finds all files starting with t, starting in current dir  grep/egrep/fgrep o egrep  Extended Global Regular Expression Print  Search and print lines matching pattern in files  egrep [-irnv] pattern-string file-list  -i ignore case  -n print line numbers for matches  -r search recursively thru all sub-directories
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