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Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 1 Tuesday, January 8, 2013 Course info  Tutors o Chantelle Gellert  [email protected]  MC4065  Course web pages o o  Marks breakdown o 50% Exam  Must pass to pass the course o 30% Assignments  6-7 Assignments o 20% Midterm  Course material overview o C++ boot camp, with soupcon of Unix o Scopes, stack frames and C/C++ memory model o Abstract data types (ADTs), intf. vs. impl.  Stacks, queues, priority queues, trees, BSTs  Recursion, functional vs. iterative approaches  Linked structures, pointers o OOP, classes, and objects  Constructors, destructors, DIY memory management, access rights  Intro to inheritance and polymorphism (more in CS247)  Generics and STL containers (vectors, strings, maps, steps) o ….  Books th o Absolute C++, 5 ed., by Savich (Addison-Wesley) o Thinking in C++ by Bruce Eckel o Check out CS247 webpage  Software o C++ and Marmoset  Assuming the use of g++ compilers  C++ compiler from GCC suite  C compiler is called gcc  Free download from Unix and the Unix Shell Core material  Chart o Operating systems and shells o Humans don’t interact with raw OS directly  Use native OS GUI or shell o Applications can talk to raw OS or OS GUI or CLI (shell scripts) o Mac OS X has two layers: GUI sits on top of BSD Unix  Similarly, Android sits on top of Linux  Windows 95/98/ME did same thing with DOS but less well  IOs and WinXP…  Unix history o Unix/C developed together in early 1970s at Bell Labs/AT&T in New Jersey  Developed by Thompson, Ritchie, Kernighn, Pike… o UNIX is not an acronym  Play on MULTICS o C++ was also developed there by Stroustroup et al. o Unix varients  BSD Unix  Late 1970s at UC-Berkeley  Reimplementation with brand new code and new design ideas  Free/Net/Open BSD projects later forked from this  NextSTEP based on BSD and current Mac OSX based on NeXTSTEP  Solaris/SunOS  Early 1980s, Sun Microsystems, now Oracle  AIX, HP-UX, SCO…  Other commercial Unices  Linux  Mid 1990s, open source project  Android, KindleOS based on Linux  BB10 based on QNIX  GNU/Linux o GNU utilities developed to run on top of Unix  Some are re-implementations of standard closed-source Unix tools like ls, cp, cd…  But Gnu’s Not Unix [RMS]  Huge debt owed to GNU for GCC and many other “open source” (free sw) tools o What is Linux?  Technically OS kernel  Not very useful without shell, compiler, CL utilities…  Linux distribution  Thus also contains a truckload of “free sw” (mostly GNU) so that people can actually use it  RMS thinks we should use term GNU/Linux rather than Linux  Unix shell o sh “Bourne shell”  First practical, widely-used Unix shell  Later relatives of sh: bash (Bourne again shell), ksh (Korn shell)  Originally meant for programmers to write shell scripts  Other common shells, csh, tcsh  ….  Unix file system o Pretty much all OSs have file system of some kind  Even iOS does, but hidden from users  In small Oss, it’s often a single flat space  Tree-like hierarchy of directories o Show terminal and Finder views  Show nautilus for Linux o Your home directory is where your stuff is sorted  Not system stuff, and not stuff of others who use yur computers  /Users/migod on MacOS  /home/migod on desktop Ubuntu Linux box  /3/migod on plg o Can reference home dir by ~ or $HOME  $ cd ~/Documents/MyBigNovel  and ~fred is home directory of Fred  Commands in Unix s
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