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Lecture 7

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Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 7 January 29, 2013 Static & Dynamic Memory Allocation  Memory/storage for your variables comes from one of two possible places 1. RUN-TIME STACK handles automated allocation & de-allocation for parameters and local variables as procedures are called  This storage automatically disappears when the procedure finishes executing 2. FREESTORE / THE HEAP handles all programmatic requests for storage via MALLOC and NEW (for objects, structs, and anything else C++ style)  Program must return this storage when done with it via FREE or DELETE  Ex: o Ballon *b = new Balloon;  Pointer b is stored on stack  Object it points to is on heap struct Node { string val; Node* next; }; int main(...) { Node *p; // p is pointer p = new Node; p -> val = "first"; p -> next = NULL; Node* q,r; // q is pointer, r is NODE r.val = "flurble"; q = new Node; q -> next = p; q -> val = "second"; Node* s = new Node; // s is pointer s -> val = "third"; s -> next = q; Node temp=s; while (NULL != temp) { cout< val << endl; temp = temp-> next; } } ADTs  An abstract data type is a structure that s well defined & recognizable behavior o It contains data that may be accessed only in a prescribed manner by set of operations  Each operation has o SIGNATURE (interface)  Describes parameters & return type o PRE-CONDITION (logic statement)  States what must be true before operation may be applied o POST-CONDITION (logic struct)  Describes effects of executing operation  Formality & rigour vary greatly  Examples o A vector/sequence is an ordered data container that allows random access to individual elements o A stack is an ordered data container with LIFO (last in first out) policy on inserts/deletes  No random access to elements o A queue is an ordered data container with FIFO (first in first out) policy on inserts/deletes
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