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Lecture 13

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Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 13 February 26, 2013 Lists  Lists can be ordered by: o Insertion time  Stacks  Queues o Element key value  Sorted linked list  Binary Search Tree o Combination  Priority queue  Getting linked structures right o Often don’t notice bugs until much “later” o Think defensively  Set ptrs to NULL if not going to be used immediately  Create “state reporting functions”  Use I/O & assertions to check  Draw pictures  Break down procedures by cases  Empty list  Insert at beginning  Last element  Testing  Create and maintain large number of test cases! Regression Testing & Test-Driven Development  Waterfall model  Iterative model w/ mini-cycle of waterfall  Write the test case first o Then write simplest possible code to pass the test Example struct Node { string val; string otherstuff; Node *next; }; typedef Node* SortedList; void initList (SortedList & first) { first=NULL; } bool isEmpty (const SortedList & first) { return NULL==first; } bool look
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