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Lecture 12

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 138
Michael Godfrey

Data Lecture 12 February 4, 2013 Dynamic Arrays  Use a vector instead except fir Assignment #2  Vectors (and other library containers) are implemented using dynamic arrays  We are just looking under the hood to better understand what is going on Statically Allocated Arrays  Come from C  Storage is allocated on the stack  Array “extent” (size) must be a compile-time constant (usually) Dynamically-Allocated Arrays  C++ only  Storage allocated on heap  Array extent can be any positive integer o Checked at “instantiation” of array  Must delete[]A when done  Can’t programmatically access extent of dynamic array except by “cheating” o Instead, use instance of class vector or array  Can’t return an array from a function, but CAN return a ptr, so we do that  The run-time system needs to store the extent somewhere to know how many elements it is pointing to sot it can delete the right number of elements  Cant store extent with the pointer as it’s just an int* or string* so this would break normal pointer meaning  Can’t store the size right at the beginning of the array o Eg: a[0] would break normal array indexing arithmetic  The compiler and runtime can decide to do any number of things but the most common is to store
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