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tutorial 5

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University of Waterloo
Computer Science
CS 240
Brad Lushman

CS 241 { Week 5 Tutorial MERL, Relocation and Linking Winter 2014 Topics ▯ Relocation ▯ Linking 1 Relocation Given the program below, answer the following questions: ▯ Which lines contain values that need to be relocated by the loader? ▯ What needs to be added to the machine code ▯le to produce a valid MERL ▯le containing all necessary relocation info? addr source code machine l. -------------------------------------------------- 0x00 bne $1, $0, endLabels 0x14200004 0x04 lis $1 0x00000814 0x08 .word a 0x00000034 0x0C lis $2 0x00001014 0x10 .word b 0x00000020 0x14 endLabels: lis $4 0x00002014 0x18 .word 0x04 0x00000004 0x1C add $4, $2, $4 0x00442020 0x20 b: jr $4 0x00800008 0x24 lis $5 0x00002814 0x28 .word 0xbad 0x00000bad 0x2C beq $2, $0, a 0x10400001 0x30 add $31, $5, $31 0x00bff820 0x34 a: jr $31 0x03e00008 0x38 endProgram: .word endProgram 0x00000038 Useful Information A relocation entry in a MERL ▯le has the form: ▯ .word 0x01 (the relocation format code) ▯ A 32-bit word containing the location in the MERL ▯le of the value we want to relocate
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