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Table Summaries These are useful tables for comparing the different methods and tools talked about in the course

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Integration Testing Name Description Pro Con Big-Bang Integrate all - Good for small - Doesn’t work well components together systems for large programs; and test because its hard to know what caused the error Bottom- First Lowest layer of - No stubs needed - The user interface is up the hierarchy tested last ( most subsystem are tested, - Useful for integrating important part ) , so then the upper levels, systems that don’t can’t demo to people until all system is have much user tested together interface ( OO, real - Drivers are needed time, strict performance ) Top- Test top layer or - No Drivers needed - Stubs are needed Down controlling subsystem, and are hard to write then one level down, - test cases are defined ( should work for all repeat until all are in terms of conditions ) – integrated functionality ( user especially hard for interface, can change it lower level of system easily ) which has lots of methods Sandwich Combine top-down - Top and bottom tests - Does not test the and bottom-up, can be done in parallel individual subsystems middle layer is the and their interfaces target, need to thoroughly before converge to it integrations Modified Unit testing of - test individual Sandwich components then use subsystems and their sandwich strategy interfaces thoroughly before integration Identify correct output Method name Description Con Direct Verification Checks and - complicated , easy to make verification to identify mistakes a correct output Redundant computation Write two programs, - Very expensive to produce check they produce N-version programs the same answer - Problem with coincident failures -> the problem that it fails the independent failure assumption Consistency check Check assertions and - only partial solutions and invariants does not always apply ( however it’s a relaxed version of verification ) - it can catch the error which failed the check, bug if it is not checked then the error will pass through - cheaper that direct verification Data Redun
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