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Lecture 2

CS100 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Computer Data Storage, Operating System, Device Driver

Computer Science
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Dave Tompkins

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Application programs - interact with users
Usually made up with instructions
o Basic operations that CPUs understand - "low-level" operations
o Programmers use a "machine translator" to convert high-level operations to thousands of
low level machine language instructions
Three components of applications
o CPU instructions
o Data
i. Text and multimedia
o Operating system requests
i. Interact with secondary memory or peripheral via the operating system
Built for both a specific machine and specific operating system
System programs - work in the background to operate the computer
Services work without any human interaction
Device driver - facilitate communication between a peripheral and the operating system
Different Operating Systems
o Windows
o Linux
Can be installed on any computer
Interface is very customizable but not as polished
Applications are free and Linux is not for profit
o (Mac) OS X
Controlled environment with only a few devices
Highly polished interface and bundled apps
App developers pay a fee to Apple, Apple retains 30% of all app and in-app purchases
o Android
o Apple iOS
o Nintendo
o Sony
Operating System Components
Kernel - manages all the resources (CPU, Primary memory, peripherals)
o Respond to application requests
Constantly switches between applications within milliseconds
Appears as if multiple applications are running at once
Computer is equipped with a timer to wake up the CPU at time intervals
Requesting more primary memory
Accessing files in secondary storage
Accessing websites and other networking tasks
Communication with other applications
Application permissions
For each application, the operating system maintains a list of permissions the
user has granted
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