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Lecture 7

CS100 Lecture 7: Perseus

Computer Science
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Alexandra Boutros

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From Argos
o A different kind of hero
o More of a folk hero
o More reconciled to the female
Hera doesn’t chase after him
o Wears his dual nature more lightly
Magical gifts given from the gods
Birth and Childhood
o Acrisius, king of Argos received a prophecy saying that his daughter Danae will
have a son who will kill him
o So he locks her up in a bronzy chamber/tower which keeps her from anyone
entering to protect his daughter from men
o But Zeus comes to her as a golden shower and gets her pregnant
o She has a child and she tries to hide it. But child was too loud and Acrisius
exposes the child. He exposes both his daughter and the child in a chest and puts
them at sea
o They end up in Seriphos and were picked up by Dictys the fisherman (net)
o Found the chest and helped/supported them
o Perseus grew up here
o King Polydectes who was Dictys brother wanted to marry Danae but Perseus was
the protector
o To get rid of Perseus, king hosts a banquet where people have to give rich gifts.
Perseus was poor and said that he would get the head of Medusa
o So king was like HELL YA OK since he wanted him to die
o but Perseus had 2 helpers, Athena and Hermes
o Hermes and Athena were the helpers
o Monsters
Graeae (Graiai)
Old women who were the offspring of Phorces and Keto
Only one eye, if they wanted to see they would have to pass the
eye around
Perseus was told to get info from the Graeae so he took the eye and
tooth but they didn’t want to since Medusa was their sister
So then they told him where the nymphs were which would give
them special gifts
Nymphs: winged sandals, cap of invisibility (helmet of Hades), kibisis
(pouch where you could put anything into it)
Also given a scimitar by Hermes
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