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Lecture 10

CS100 Lecture 10: Trojan War

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Alexandra Boutros

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Trojan Saga and the Iliad
Judgment of Paris
o Wedding of Thetis and Peleus
The gods were invited
Zeus loved Thetis but told his son would be more powerful than the father
So he married Thetis to Peleus and Achilles was born
Everyone was invited except for the goddess of strife, Eri
So she comes anyway pissed off and brings the golden apple, and the
golden apple says to the fairest
So the goddesses were like whose that for, Athena vs Hera vs Aphrodite
o Paris
Zeus didn’t want to be the judge and so Paris (Trojan prince) was asked to
be the judge
When Paris was born, her mother had a dream that she would give
birth to a fire brand and it will burn troy to the ground so they
decided to expose him
A female person comes by and feeds baby, then a Sheppard takes
care of him and later, Paris was received back into Troy as a prince
Hera rule all of Asia
Athena give him profound wisdom or ability to concur anyone in
Aphrodite give him the most beautiful woman in the world
So Paris chose Aphrodite and gave him Helen who was already married
o Helen
Helen was a daughter of Zeus and Leda
Zeus came to her as a large swan and mated with Leda as a swan
2 eggs were produced
One egg held Helen and her brother Polydeuces (boxer) and the
other was by Leda’s husband holding Clytemnestra and Castor
Castor and Polyx = important to romans (hero/gods)
o They were inseparable
o Polydeuces goes to Zeus when Castor dies and given the
choice where he can be given full immortality or half and
share it with Castor
o Spend one day in Hades and one day on Olympus
Marriage and Seduction
Everyone wanted to marry her and the deal was a husband would
be chosen but if they wanted to be in for the game, they would
have to protect Helen and the husband after
Menelaus was chosen (brother of Agamemnon) and married Helen

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So Paris came to Greece and was welcomed but Paris seduced
Paris takes Helen back to Troy = start of the war
o Alternate story is that Helen didn’t get to Troy and that
they ended up in Egypt and the king of Egypt took Helen
and kept her for Menelaus
o So a wraith/ghost of Helen went back to Troy with Paris
o So after 10 years of war, Menelaus found out she was
actually in Egypt
Leaders in the Trojan War
o Priam, King of Troy
Ascension: Heracles overthrows Laomedon (built the walls of Troy)
Apollo and Poseidon, disguised, were told that they would be
given something if they built the wall so they did buy Laomedon
didn’t give them a reward
So Apollo and Poseidon said that Laomedon had to sacrifice his
daughter to get rid of the sea monster
And Heracles says that he will slay the monster if he gives him the
immortal horses
So he did and Laomedon didn’t give the horses so Heracles
overthrows him and puts Priam to the throne
Character = noble king who suffers loss of sons
Has 50 sons
Main wife Hecuba had 19 sons
They were slaughtered one after another by Achilles
Lost Hector to Achilles
o Hector the Protector
Family Andromache (wife) and Astyanax (son)
During wat, Helenus says to Hector that he must go to the city and offer a
rich gift to Athena for protection
Before he goes back to the fight Andromache tells him not to go out and
fight because he is everything to her
Character Courageous but fatally foolhardy
Over confident during the battle at night
His Funeral
o Aeneas, Hope for the future
Royal aura
Heavy fate upon him where he was to survive the fate of Troy
About to die to ??? but Poseidon and Apollo said that he was fated to live
and it would piss Zeus off if he died
So Poseidon and Apollo saved him
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