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Lecture 11

CS100 Lecture 11: Roman Mythology

Computer Science
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Alexandra Boutros

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Roman Mythology
Roman gods
Less anthropomorphic
o Adopted stories from the Greeks
o Thought of gods as powers
Assimilated Gods
o Mars (Ares): much more important to romans
Mars was a fertility god but then became the god of war
At first the importance was agriculture and later the importance was war
o Jupiter (Zeus):
Onion, hair, fish offerings to Jupiter
o Apollo
Adopted, not adapted
Saw him as a god of healing then as a god of oracle
Roman did not have a god like Apollo
Unique roman gods
o Janus
God of river crossings
Then god of bridges
God of coming and going/crossroads
God of beginnings
When some people were invading Rome, Janus pushed them off spraying
hot water
When romans were at war, doors to Janus’ temple were open but when it
was peaceful, it was closed
Why? Old connection with bridges
Bridges broken = Janus’ doors open = stops enemies
Fixed bridges = doors closed = peace
o Quirinus
o Liber (Dionysus)
Created temple with 3 gods who would looks over the people
Liber, Libera and Ceres
Roman Legends
o Vergil when he wrote the Aeneid he borrowed Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey
o Story
Dido: aetion of punic wars
Turnus: with Turnus as the new Achilles and Aeneas as the new Hector,
but with a major twist
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