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CS348 Lecture Notes - Final Grades, Foreign Key, Relational Algebra

Computer Science
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Ihab Ilyas

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CS348: Introduction to Database Systems
(Winter 2010)
Assignment 1 (due Friday, February 12 at 5:00 pm)
For this assignment you must compose and evaluate several queries for a database that records
information about courses. The schema for the database is illustrated by the following relational
database diagram that includes an indication of primary and foreign key constraints in the
manner discussed in class. Note that the schema stores information about both ongoing and past
classes for a course. Also note that no marks are recorded for any enrollment of an ongoing class,
and that, for a past class, a mark is recorded for each of its enrollments. Finally, you may assume
that each class has at least one enrollment.
Please read these instructions carefully, as not following them may result in mark deductions.
Your submission should include online answers for Part 1 and paper-based answers for Parts 1
through 3. Queries 1 through 15 are worth 5 marks each.
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