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Project Phase 1 - Fall 2009 Fall 2009 - solution avaliable in another note

Computer Science
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Ihab Ilyas

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CS 348 Fall 2009
Term Project Phase 1 - Data Model
1 Overview
At the end of the second phase of this project, you and your project team are to
produce an online software system called bibsearch that will enable a user to
access and update information about publications, various samples of which are
given in the attachments. Using bibsearch, a user will, for example, be able to
obtain a list of publications for a given author in the order of publication
obtain a list of articles for a given journal in the order of their starting
page number within the journal (note that both articles and journals are
examples of publications),
update the email address of a new author, or
add a new publication with a given sequence of authors (thus distinguish-
ing the first author from the second and so on).
Based on a “first cut” appraisal of this sample capability together with a pre-
liminary survey of the attachments, some initial observations on the nature of
the underlying data for bibsearch are as follows.
The system maintains information about multiple authors. Possible au-
thor information will include their name, url, and affiliation (the university
or company for which the author works).
Publications produced by authors appear in the form of conference pro-
ceedings, journals, books, or articles. Each article will in turn appear in
a particular book, journal or conference proceedings.
Some condensed samples of publication data are as follows.
Author Raghu Ramakrishnan wrote a book titled Database Management
Systems with publisher McGraw Hill.
Author Ling Liu was the proceedings editor of the The International
Conference on Data Engineering, Atlanta, 3-8 April, 2006.
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