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Computer Science
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CS 349
Byron Weber Becker

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Events Dispatch eventtocode binding Review Events Defined 1An observable occurrence phenomenon or an extraordinary occurrence 2A message to notify an application that something happened Examples Keyboard key press key release Pointer events button press button release motion Window crossing mouse enters leaves Input focus gained lost Window events exposure destroy minimize Timer events 2 CS349Event DispatchBinding ReviewLightweight vs Heavyweight Widgets Lightweight widgets BWSOS provides a toplevel window Widget toolkit draws its own widgets and is responsible for mapping events to their corresponding widgets ExamplesJava Swing JQuery UI Windows WPF WatGUI Heavyweight widgets Each widget is its own window where window is not just what we typically call a windowevery control is a window OS provides a hierarchical windowing system for all widgets Widget toolkit wraps OS widgets for programming language BWS can dispatch events to a specific widget Examplesnested X Windows Javas AWT OS X Cocoa standard HTML form widgets Windows MFC 3 CS349Event DispatchBinding Event Dispatch CS349Event DispatchBinding 4 Event Dispatch Which part of the interface should receive the event Which window Which widget Positional dispatch Bottomup dispatch Topdown dispatch Focus dispatch How do we get the correct code to execute in response to an event5 CS349Event DispatchBinding Window Dispatch with BWS CS349Event DispatchBinding 6
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