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University of Waterloo
Earth Sciences
Keith Delaney

EARTH 121L: Introductory Earth Sciences Lab Syllabus and Schedule Laboratory Information Location: EIT 1013 Start Date: September 10 to 12, 2013 Course Credit: 0.25 credits Laboratory Sessions Section Time Location TA Name TA E-mail Address Office 001 Tues 9:30 EIT 1013 002 Tues 14:30 EIT 1013 003 Wed 9:30 EIT 1013 004 Wed 14:30 EIT 1013 005 Thurs. 9:30 EIT 1013 006 Thurs 14:30 EIT 1013 Required Materials Earth 121L Lab Manual which is available at the UW Bookstore Protractor Drawing compass Ruler Coloured pencils A pocket knife and a 10× hand lens are useful but not required Course Instructor Name: Jason Venkiteswaran Office Phone: 519-888-4567 x37277 Office Address: EIT 5031 Office Hours: no set time Email: [email protected] Course Objectives This lab course supplements the Earth 121 lecture course to give you a more complete understanding of the important geologic processes that shape our planet. During the term you will be learning basic Earth Science lab skills such as identifying minerals, rocks and fossils as well as interpreting maps (both topographic and geologic) and air photographs. Hopefully, in the process, you will not only gain an appreciation for the relevance of Earth Sciences to the world around you, but also enjoy your time in the labs. Grading Policy Weight Weekly In-Lab Assignments 20% Midterm Lab Exam (Labs 1 to 4) 35% On-line Quizzes 5% Final Lab Exam (during December exam period) 40% Laboratory Schedule Week Number Weeks Starts Topic 1 Sept 9 Minerals 2 Sept 16 Igneous Rocks 3 Sept 23 Sedimentary Rocks 4 Sept 30 Metamorphic Rocks 5 Oct 7 Midterm Test 6 Oct 14 Plate Tectonics 7 Oct 21 Topographic Maps 8 Oct 28 Geologic Maps 9 Nov 4 Earth Structures 10 Nov 11 Earth History 11 Nov 18 Help Session 12 Nov 25 No lab Attendance Policy Attendance is required for lab credit. Students may work in pairs but each student must hand in his/her own assignment by the end of the three-hour lab period for grading. Marked assignments will be returned during the following week's lab period. Students must attend the lab section in which that they are registered. Space and supply limitations preclude students switching sections during the term. Alternative arrangements for missed labs will be granted only in cases where the student provides an appropriate medical certificate (i.e. an original Verification of Illness Form). Information as to the degree of incapacitation and the dates affected should be included with the student's verification of illness and will be used to determine the student's eligibility for the request. These forms should be brought to the Science Undergraduate Office in ESC for verification and distribution. Exam Policy Alternative arrangements for exams will be granted only in cases where the student provides an appropriate and ori
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