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University of Waterloo
ECON 101
Corey Van De Waal

Chapter 13 Monopoly Monopoly and How It Arises A monopoly is a marketThat produces a good where there are no close substituteWhere there is one supplier that is protected from competition by a barrier preventing the entry of new firms A monopoly has two key featuresNo close substitutes o The firm effectively faces competition from the producers of the substitute if a good has a good substitute even if it is produced by only one firm o A monopoly sells a good that has no close substitutesBarriers to entry o A constraint that protects a firm from potential competitors o There are three types of barriers to entryNatural barriersCreate natural monopoly which is a market where economies of scale allow one firm to supply the entire market at the lowest possible cost o Economies of scale are so powerful that they are still being achieved even when the entire market demand is met o LRAC curve still slopes downward to meet the demand curveOwnership barriersWhen one firm owns a significant portion of a key resourceLegal barriersCreate legal monopoly which is a market where competition and entry are restricted by the granting of a o Public franchiseo Government license o Patent or copyright Monopoly PriceSetting Strategies A monopoly firm must choose the appropriate price to determine the quantity it sells There are two types of monopoly pricesetting strategiesSingleprice monopoly is a firm that has to sell each units for the same price to all its customersPrice discrimination is when a firm sells different units of their goodservice at different prices Many firms price discriminate but not all of them are monopoly firms A SinglePrice Monopolys Output and Price Decision Price and Marginal Revenue A monopoly is a price setter not a price taker like firms in perfect competition because the market demand is entirely made up of the demand for the monopolys output
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