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University of Waterloo
ECON 102
Maryann Vaughan

Measuring the Cost of Living January-14-13 2:28 PM The CPI  Measures the typical consumer's cost of living  The basis of many COLAs in many contracts and in social security Calculating the CPI 1. Determine the basket.  Statscan surveys consumers to determine what is in the typical consumer's "shopping basket" 2. Find the prices  Statscan collects the data on teh prices of all the goods in the basket 3. Compute the basket's cost  Use the data on prices to compute the total cost of the basket 4. Choose a base year and compute the index  The CPI in any year is  5. Copute the inflation rate  The percentage change in the CPI from the preceding period  Problems with the CPI January-16-13 3:36 PM Commodity substitution bias  Over time, some prices rise faster than others  Consumers substitute towards goods that become relatively cheaper  The CPI misses this substitution because it uses a fixed basket of goods  Thus, the CPI overstates increases in the cost of living. Introduction of new goods The introduction of new goods increases variety, allows consumers to find products that more  closely match their needs  In effect, dollars become more valuable  The CPI misses this effect, because it uses a fixed basket of goods  Thus the CPI overstates increases in the cost of living. Unmeasured Quality Change  Improvements in the quality of the goods in the basket increase the value of the goods in the baskets  Statscan cannot account for all the quality chages  So the CPI overstates the cost of living Problems with the CPI  Each problem causes the CPI to overstate the cost of living icreases  Bank of Canada estimates that the CPI overestimates inflation by 0.6% per year  Things like pensions, income tax deductions, government social payments and private sector wage allowances ate adjusted upward using the CPI  The bias in the CPI suggests that wages may actually be higher than they need to be GDP Deflator vs the CPI January-16-13 4:03 PM  Economists and policy makers monitor both the GDP Deflator and the CPI to gauge how quickly prices are rising  There are 2 differences that make them diverge: 1. The GDP deflator reflects the prices of all goods and services produced domesticaly, while the CPI reflects the prices of all goods
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