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ECON 201
Corey Van De Waal

Thesaid ytheory cooperativecooperativegamenonin using ated to act as thegcooperate analysis not do against that players interests at that probleming a member of a coalition that is bound ite binding contracts on their actionsFornecessarily cooperate in cooperative game ven state of the worldonce that state of ayers can commit to actions which whenthe coalition is oblinecessarilydecision payoffs from another course of action Lecture 19to ative and noncooperative gamesagents if it ever doesthat approaches mean it broad resents itself doestwoppgyTHEORYnor areoint in timeThis distinction does not mean that agents distinction lies between coopergame theoryWhat is the difference thenGAMETHEORYGAMENONCOOPERATIVE GAME THEORYTherearetwobroadapproachestodecisionproblemanalysisusinggametheoryTheTheretheorynordoesitmeanthatagentsnecessarilydonotcooperateinnontheoryCooperative means that the players can wrppFor instance a player may commit to becomthey would even if there are better example in cooperative game theory plthey have to be taken possibly end up being via contract to behave a certain way in a githe worldill wds antmenitor commiy any prb dcooperative game theory in this courses when what do they know what movesa players turn to decide upon a move neirat us with a way of describing consrepresenting noncooperative gamestgame theory promises no such commitment to future heir best personal outcomes noiayer le pth dpayoffs orwarfpossible Theng ifdthlittidbiittdilli actionsWhen a set of moves results inBy contrast noncooperative goThere are two distinct ways of EXTENSIVE FORM GAMESA game in extensive form provides1 Who is involved2 The rules of the game ie who movearepossibleare4Thepayoffs43 The outcomes ie what happens a physical outcomedecide their move based on tWe will only concern ourselves with non
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