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Owen Gallupe

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ARBUS 200 - Foursight Stages In Breakthrough thinking  Creativity - novelty that is useful  Innovation - something new that adds value and usually requires many skill sets  Breakthrough thinking - a 4-step process that calls on creativity to produce innovation FourSight Thinking Profile  It is about preference and not ability Leverage style differences Build better teams Short circuit conflict Improve performance Awareness helps you…become a creative powerhouse. Enables broader perspective because it is cross-disciplinary Know your mind - Person meets process Four Sight preferences:  Clarifier  Ideator  Developer  Implementer 5 is the standard deviation in the preferences. Clarifier  Clarifies the problem  Not quick to move to solutions  Wants to address the right problem  Gathers information  Looks at details  May over analyze and not move forward Are…  They are focused, methodical, orerly, deliberate, serious, organized, may analyze to the extreme and not move forward Need…  need order, the facts, an understanding of history, access to information, permission to ask questions Annoy others by:  asking too many questions, pointing out obstacles, identifying areas that haven’t been well thought out, overloading people with information, ebing too realistic Ideator  Looks at the big picture  Toys with ideas and possibilities  Stretches the imagination  Takes an intuitive approach  Thinking in more global terms  May overlook the details Are…  Playful, imaginative, social, adaptable, flexible, adventurous, independent, may overlook details Need:  room to be playful, constant stimulation, variety and change, the big picture Annoy others by :
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