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ENGLISH 210F08052011 064700MODULE 2 THE WRITING PROCESSTHE STEPS INVOLVED IN TAKING AND IDEA INTO A FINISHED POLISHED PIECEPRE WRITING the process you start to do before writingFIRST WE NEED TO LOOK AT PurposeScopeAudienceBusiness CommunicationGenerally purpose driven written to cause an actionTheir audience focusConciseTheres effort put in to make sure communication is effectiveNot about how you construct the contentBut its about how you format it structure the sentences how to get your message across in the fasted most concise wayCommon Reasons for Writing BASED ON PURPOSETo request or provide informationTo create a recordTo explain a policy or procedureTo provide instructionTo encourage actionTo promote goodwillEvery business document you write will have a purpose an action your following up on to answer to or to instigateScopeRefers to the level of detail you need to give to your readerImportant to think about how much your reader understands and is necessaryWhen writing considerThe length of the emailletterThe format informal formalVisual elements if usedThink about what kind of document your creating and the standard of your company and industryAudience ProfileAudience analysis should considerResponsibility or positionoWho are you writing it toooIf the person is a decision maker put the information directly to themoIf the person is an advisor put information directly but explain things for carefullyAttitudes interests and questionsExperienceoWhat kind of experience do they have with the topic your writing aboutKnowledgeResponseoNeutral response read it file it awayoReceptiveoResistant have objectionsRelationship of the receiver to youAre they a coworker a managerSecondary receiversEvery message you write can be read by othersBackground environment and beliefsAre you writing to a reader of another cultureExpectationsWhat should the reader expect out of this letterYou have to take into account all the aspects of the audience before deciding the form of the letterMediumChannelHow will the message be transferredTraditional transmissionMemoLetterMeetingTelephoneModern transmissionFaxEmailVoicemail
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