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Module 6: Goodwill and Bad News Messages Chapter 6 & 7 Chapter 6 • Direct-approach message: a message that presents the main point in the first paragraph • Request memo: a message that asks the reader to perform a routing action • Order request: a request for merchandise that includes a purchase authorization and shipping instructions • Claim: a demand or request for something – often a replacement or a refund – that is considered one’s due • Adjustment: a written response to a complaint that tells the customer what will be done about the complaint in terms of solving the problem, correcting an error, granting a refund, or adjusting the amount due • Response: a message that answers a request or query • Inquiry: a message that asks for or seeks information (an inquiry or information response is a message that supplies information) • Personalized form letter: a letter in which the identical message is sent to more than one person; it is adapted to the individual reader with the inclusion of the reader’s name, address, and perhaps other information, all of which may be stored in a database and merged with the from letter • Order acknowledgement: an informative letter that confirms the details of a merchandise purchase and shipment • Claim adjustment: a response to a claim letter telling the customer what your company intends to do to correct the problem • Goodwill message: a message that enhances the value of a business beyond its tangible assets by creating a bond of friendship and establishing trust and mutual understanding between the writer and recipient • Thank-you letter (or letter of appreciation): a message thanking someone for helping you, extending hospitality to you, or doing business with your company • Letter of congratulations: a message conveying pleasure at someone’s happiness or good wishes on someone’s accomplishment • Letter of sympathy (or condolence): a message expressing sadness at someone’s bereavement and offering words of comfort • Informative letters: messages that provide important / relevant information and to which the reader will react neutrally • Announcement: a message that makes something known about a company policy, event, or personnel change • Cover or transmittal letter: an informative letter that accompanies materials sent from one person to another explaining why those materials are being sent • Ragged right margins: unjustified margins that end unevenly on the right side of the page • Full-block letter style: a letter format in which all
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