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Juvenile Delinquency

Module 7: Informal Reports: Chapter 10 • Business report: document in which factual information is compiled and organized for a specific purpose and audience • Informal report: a report using a letter or memo format, usually ranging from a few paragraphs to ten pages in length • Formal report: a business documentation of ten or more pages based on extensive research and following a prescribed format or pattern that includes elements such as a title page, transmittal or cover letter, table of content, and abstract • Informational report: a short report that collects data related to a routine activity without offering analysis or recommending action; it is organized in three parts: introduction, findings, and summary / conclusion • Analytical report (or recommendation report): a report that interprets and analyzes information and offers recommendation based on findings • Periodic report: an informational report that is filed at regular intervals • One-time report: a report that presents the results of a special or long-term project • Memorandum report: a short, internal report presented in memo format • Letter report: a short, external report presented in letter format • Heading: title or subtitle, usually a word or short phrase, within the body of a document that identifies its parts and gives clues to its organization • Functional heading: each of a series of generic headings that, when taken together, show a report in outline • Descriptive head (or talking head): a heading that describes the actual content of a report and provides more information about it • Alphanumeric outline: an outlining system that combines numbers and letters to differentiate levels of headings • Decimal outline or numeric outline: an outlining system that uses a combination of numbers and decimal points to differentiae levels of headings • Decimal outline or numeric outline: an outlining system that uses a combination of numbers and decimal points to differential levels of headings • Introduction: the first section in the body of a report, which provides readers with the information they need in order to understand and evaluate the report itself; it must include either the report’s purpose or a statement of the problem the report addresses • Findings: the most substantial part of a report, in which qualitative and numeric data is presented and organized by time, convention, order of importance, or component • Summary: the closing or second-last section of a report that briefly restates its main points • Conclusions and recommendations: the closing section of an analytical or recommendation report in which specif
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