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Module 10: Reserach Methods and Documentation

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Judah Oudshoorn

Module 10: Research Methods and Documentation Objectives: By the end of this module, you should be able to:  explain the difference between primary and secondary research,  identify the key elements of a questionnaire/survey,  evaluate secondary sources,  compose a progress report that reports on the challenges and successes of a collaborative research project, and  compose a peer report that reports on the contribution of team members to a collaborative research project.  Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. Readings: Textbook: Ch. 11 pp. 367–402  APA Style Guide, Purdue Online Writing Lab  APA Style Guide, Seneca College  MLA Style Guide, Bedford/St. Martin's  MLA Style Guide, Seneca College Researching and Collecting Data  What are you looking for?  How much time do you have?  Is it important for the report?  Paper, human, electronic: o In-housePublicly available o Restricted Research Methods  Secondary research o Library or online research  Primary Research o Your thoughts, observations, and experiences o Your interviews, surveys, and ideas Secondary Research  Online Sources o Search Engines o Library databases  Web Sources: o Use more than just Wikipedia  Print sources: o Periodical guides and indexes o In-house documents and reports All secondary sources should be evaluated using the following criteria. o Accuracy: Check the publisher/producer for credibility (ethos). For example, an online study produced by “” may or may not be reliable. Check their credentials. o Content: Is the content useful and appropriate? Abstracts and summaries provide a synopsis of the content. o Authority:
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