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English 210I Lecture #3 Tuesday September 17, 2013 Legal Language  Legal profession focus on the words that constitute the law in the forms of statutes etc  Legal language consists of many different genres, and varieties o Statutes Made up of ordinary language o 3% of statutes comprised of legal language  Legal language is also called legalese (herein, thereto etc)  We are all effected by legal language (contracts)  Vocabulary, syntax, form, style is the focus of legal language  Characteristics of Legal Language o Use of technical language: voire dire (not legalese because they have meaning in themselves) o Use of archaic, formal and unusual; pr difficult terminology: to wit, aforesaid, commence, terminate, Latin or French phrases “ultra vires” “inter alia” o Use of impersonal constructions: “the court finds…” o Use of passive constructions: “mistakes were made” o Use of nominalizations: “to be in violation of” to cognizant of” o Use of negation: “It is not unreasonable for people to misrecollect” o Use of long and complex sentences o Use of wordiness and redundancy: “use, devise and bequeath” o Use of apparently common words with different meaning: “utter a counterfeit”  Meaning of Words that Judges give o “And” as disjunctive: actually meaning “or”  “To present classical, artistic, cultural and educational dramatic words”  The court held that the plays authorized could be classica
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