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Lecture 8

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Barry Mc Clinchey

Legislative texts Acts: primary legislation Does not contain all the law Made by Parliament Regulations: delegated legislation Parliament gives the executive the power to make laws to implement the policies set out in the act Has the most details (“who”, “what”, “where”, “when” etc.) Federal Level, Members of treasury board are usually the ones who can make regulations Have to go between the act and the regulations to get the full picture of the law Legislative Language  The language you see in legislative texts is characterized by o Long compound-complex sentences  Lots of modifiers  Subject/verb/object separation o “If the Commission…the Commission may, with the approval of the Minister,  consistency of word-choice o same word=same meaning; different word=different meaning  archaic words o “curtilagE”  doublets and triplets o “null and void” “give, devise, and bequeth”  nominalization o make an application instead of apply  absract nouns o firearm instead of gun; motor vehicle instead of car  mixture of precise and vague words  solid blocks of text/paragraphing  cross-refrencing o often using such and said  unusual number scheme CRITICIZED: Wordy, unclear, pompous, and dull THE DRAFTER’S WORLD  a long tradi
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