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Lecture 6

ENGL 371 Lecture 6: ENGL 371 Lecture 6

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Tristanne Joy Connolly

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Lecture 6 Thursday, September 29, 201611:32 AM Editions(cont.) • Considertheilluminated editionstobethemain sourceforpublication. • Manytexts canbetaken ascase studiesforediting. • Howdoyou editsomething thatis unfinished? • When you're trying to articulate what type of edition a text is, great. If not, describewhattheeditionis doing.Howdoesitapproachallofthose questions that textual criticism poses? • Erdmanseemstolikeauthorialintentionas acriteria. • Erdmanputsallthevariantsin thetextual notesand heputsall the textual notesat the back,healso putsvalueon theauthor'sfinalintention.He doesthisbyputtingthingsinchronologicalorder • For the1981 edition, proofs areread againstoriginals. • The copies are named according to the letters of the alphabet. • heis notcreatingacopy a subset of an eclectic edition but we know • If hewas doing something thatprioritized theprinted plates more, he couldn'
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