ENGL108F Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Bildungsroman, Susan Bordo, Masculinity

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Week 5 A&B
Susan Swan 1945-
- Raised in Midland, Ontario
- father was a doctor
- BA @ McGill in general arts – Journalism in high school and university
- Newspaper T.O. – education reporter
- Nominated for the Guardian Prize 1993
- charge with obscenity – not legally charged in Canada
- Taught at York, U of T, Guelph, Humber – now retired
- Hard to follow
- fragmented narrative – problematic
- narrative voice – engaging point of view
- supernatural element – ghost – symbolist text
- biological
- cultural
Constructed gender
- Judith Butler – we associate everything nurture (boy or girl, blue or pink, etc.)
- Luce Irigaray – in order for people to recognize feminism, women are to never have sex with
men ever again
- Susan Bordo – body as a text – we read each other through their body – body effects who you
are as a person - shared experience, body is important as in defining gender, but not as important
in how society defines them – we could easily have a bathroom for short people and tall people
Punk Movement
- men were expected to have long hair and make-up – women were shaving heads and looking
more masculine
Wives of Bath
- Pauline (Paulie), Victoria (Tory), Mary (Mouse) – fundamental characters are rejecting there
gender given name
What do gender norms do to Mouse and Paulie?
- limits goals
- Extreme expectations for Paulie
- Constant shame of their genders
- Mouse doesn’t want to become a girl – relies on her hump for emotional support – hump
supplies sexual joke
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