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Module 10: Research Methods and Documentation
Objectives: By the end of this module, you should be able to:
 explain the difference between primary and secondary research,
 identify the key elements of a questionnaire/survey,
 evaluate secondary sources,
 compose a progress report that reports on the challenges and successes of a
collaborative research project, and
 compose a peer report that reports on the contribution of team members to a
collaborative research project.
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Textbook: Ch. 11 pp. 367402
 APA Style Guide, Purdue Online Writing Lab
 APA Style Guide, Seneca College
 MLA Style Guide, Bedford/St. Martin's
 MLA Style Guide, Seneca College
Researching and Collecting Data
 What are you looking for?
 How much time do you have?
 Is it important for the report?
 Paper, human, electronic:
o In-housePublicly available
o Restricted
Research Methods
 Secondary research
o Library or online research
 Primary Research
o Your thoughts, observations, and experiences
o Your interviews, surveys, and ideas
Secondary Research
 Online Sources
o Search Engines
o Library databases
 Web Sources:
o Use more than just Wikipedia
 Print sources:
o Periodical guides and indexes
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