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Environment and Business    
Olaf Weber

Intro to Environment Intro to Business 13 September 2010 ENBUS-102 OLAF WEBER [email protected] EV1-332 Definitions Key Events Perspectives Environment What is the environment?  Nature, natural environment  Social, milieu (setting)  Surrounding conditions (integrating both nature and social)  Area in which something exists or lives What is the value of nature?  Global GNP o 18 trillion US dollars/year (Costanza et al. 1997)  Value of ecosystems/ year o 33 trillion US dollars/year  60% Marine systems (majority coastal systems)  38% Terrestrial systems (majority from forest systems) Definitions  Objects or the region surrounding anything  Conditions under which any person lives  Environment is everything which affects a living organism o Miller and Hackett  Interdisciplinary study uses information from physical and social sciences to learn how the Earth works, how we interact with the Earth and how to deal with environmental problems. (p6) Perspective on the environment Range of priorities  Friends of the Earth  Environmental problems  World Resources Institute  Resources  Agenda 21  Future  Waterloo Region Ecological and Environmental Advisory Committee Evolution Conservation Sustainable • DDT pushing Development • Profit factor • What we can do • National Parks • Taking with the founded responsibilityfor • Future ori
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