ERS 234 Lecture 1: ERS 234 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1

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Environment and Resource Studies
ERS 234
Maren Oelbermann

ERS 234 Lecture 1 - Course Goals: o Evaluate the importance of forest & their resources on human livelihoods o Outline flows of energy & nutrients o Introduce the major biophysical factors affecting forest ecosystem integrity & productivity o To outline conventional & sustainable forest management practices - In the past: forest play an important role for humans o Shelter, protection, products (food, medicine, fuel, construction materials). - Not long ago wood was a primary source of fuel. - Today over 10,000 different products are made from wood. - Other benefits of the forest: o Erosion control o C sequestration o Control of hydrology/flood prevention o Aesthetic values o Recreational activities o Conservation - Forest managers must understand all views on forest management and develop plans. o Incorporate views from stakeholders. - Forestry: The art, science and practice of managing natural resources that occur on or in association with forest land for human benefit. o They are complex interactions between living and non-living components. o Forest distribution and composition are dependent on environmental conditions. o This definition does not take into account:  Role/importance of trees in an ecosystem  Role of people  Role of wildlife  Role of ecosystem services  Management of forests (fire protection, disease outbreak protection/management, overall protection of forest environment). - About 30% of the global surface is covered by forests. - The forest is composed of many different tree species o Dominated by two major groups:  Gymnosperms  arose 365 million years ago.  Never have been more than a few thousand species  Expansion of Angiosperms resulted in decline of
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