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FR 297
Nicolas Gauthier

Napoléan: there were many lignes de forces - people made money off Napolean - made friends - people just wanted the violence to end he was an exceptional man - général a 24 ans - impressed politics, used his friends and his enemies, demanded respect - regime autoritaire if someone fought his authority they tended to disappear solide, fort, violent he could have arbitarily sent people to prison - but not lettre de cachet défaites finale: WATERLOO, Russie exil a l'Ile St. Hélène Le Code Civil respecte les pricipes de 1789 (l'égalité, liberté, souvreignité de la nation) still the fundamental rights of the French people Peinture: empératriste: première femme de Napoléan - Josephine serieux. soloneme. Pape a Paris: 1804 Napolean uses l'eglise to approve and then crowns himself - eglise is not above him - no one can take away his power chevalier: revolutionnaire et royale de 1700s, he made choices to convey the message that he was the highest power - has power accepted by the church (catholique) he didn't force it on the French (personal) he installs divorce in France - pas là grace a Dieu, l'opposite Néoclassicisme movement artistique (1750-1830) couvre tout les arts - same-ish time as rococco oppose r et baroque - principes du classissisme - SIMPLE point centrale. we know what is important, easy lines, no confusion. representation très étudier - purpose, symboles **David, Ingres** mythologie pas si influencial - not new - uses what existed before M-L Autriche: son regne personnel continue avec M-L. Divorcer Josephine. Dates (ppt) 1812, la France est envahie
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