GBDA 103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: User-Centered Design

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Class 3: The User
User centered design (UCD)
oWhy – why will they use it?
oHow – while they travel to work, in public
oWhat – in what context?
oFocused on understanding the users and their tasks
Key principles
oDesign for users and their tasks
oUse natural dialogue
Friendly, welcoming
oPresent information clearly
oBe consistent
oProvide feedback
oBe helpful
Eg. asos
UX is the discipline, UCD is how we do it
User Personas
oRepresentation of your user
oGoals and behaviours of an actual group of users
oDerived from research
oDon’t work if they are just made up
Can’t be developed externally/no meaning for the team
Unimportant information
oIf you don’t have one, everyone on the team will have a different perspective on
who the target audience is
oTeams need to agree on features to prioritize
oMarketing: focus on demographic info, explain the who
oProto: used when there is no money/time to do proper research (do quickly)
oDesign: focus on user goals, current behaviours, and pain points (frustrations)
oDon’t listen to people, see what they do
Design Personas
oMust focus on the why
There is no average person, go for the extremes
Extreme user: a person with extreme needs (eg. people with an illness, seniors)
oWhat extreme users need is good for all of us
Behavioural Research
oAimed at identifying insight/occurs in a particular context
Can be physical, geographic, or conceptual
oDon’t just ask, let them show you
find more resources at
find more resources at
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