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Geography and Environmental Management
GEOG 203
Khan Rahman

GG203: Environment and Development Global Perspective DVD screening: Earth Under Water (2005) The documentary film shows scientific evidences of climate change and global impacts with special focus on sea level rise. Scholars from different universities have given their opinions with scientific evidences about the sea level rise and probable impacts on Earth. During the video screening: Students should take important notes. Students should try to understand the scientific evidences critically. Build up analytical understanding to focus the evidences in their own individual assignments. Tides- Earths rotation Round to oval and back again Ice age- elliptical orbit Greenland- 836 000 sq miles Ice thickness av. 1.5 miles 10 years ago melting rate was 1/3 current rate 37 miles in past 150 years, and it getting faster, twice as fast as 5 years ago All glaciers south of arctic circle melting faster. MASS BALANCE Greenland losing 20% more ice than it is gaining each year. 50 cubic miles glaciers moving faster towards sea- effect of meltwater lubricating ice for movement warmer av. Temps creates large meltwater pools, drip down through cracks sea level rise in past decade ~0.5”, and
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