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Lecture 8

GEOG101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Bsc Young Boys


Geography and Environmental Management
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Brent Doberstein

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GEOG101 Sept 24, 2014
Documentary Notes: China’s Lost Girls
Documentary critique (12 point font, 1.0 space)
NOTE: maximum of 2 pages total. Text will resize as you type.
1. Title of Documentary: China’s Lost Girls
2. Overview/summary of Documentary (about 100-150 words).
3. What do you think was the overall purpose of the Documentary (i.e. what do you think did the film maker(s)
hoped to achieve)? (100-150 words)
4. In bullet format, identify 5-10 key “points” made in the Documentary (e.g. key elements, arguments,
concepts or ideas).
5. Identify areas of particular strength and/or weakness in the Documentary you are critiquing (up to 100
words). NOTE: Make sure you clearly identify whether the comment you are making is a “Strength” or a
6. State the single most important thing that you learned from the Documentary (i.e. what will you remember a
few years after)? If you did not learn anything important, feel free to say so.
China, population growth, one child policy, most are girls, one child per family, baby boys are
Boys are preferred, girls may be abandoned, hidden or killed
China – largest population (which is why government put limits on babies)
Family adopted child, take to Chinese dance performance, then take back to China
Girl abandoned in park when she was 3 days old
Family in US adopting girls
Government gave photos of babies to couples who wanna adopt
1950’s 60’s population exploded, when limits on babies were put on
Boy babies are going out of proportion compared to girls
Beijing Tin Man Square – general mao
If couples have more than one child, state tells you have to pay a fine
Boys do work, girls marry and leave, which is why they want boys to raise and carry on the
family name
If family doesn’t have a son, people will look down on you
13 million more young boys than girls, will arise to 40 million to 2020
Imbalance to 30 million boys as of now (2014)
Shortage of boys, they will not find a woman to marry, there will be a social
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