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Lecture 1

GEOG101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Mcg, Economic Geography, Biogeography

Geography and Environmental Management
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Brent Doberstein

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GEOG101 - Introduction to Geography
What is Geography?
“Writing about the Earth” an academic discipline that studies the pattern of phenomena on the earth’s
surface, the processes at which creates those patterns as well as the interaction between humans and
the environment.
Geography is divided into two divisions
Physical Geography
- Climate,
- Landforms
- Soils & Minerals
- Surface water
(rivers, lakes,
- Plants and
Human Geography
- Cultural, religious and political systems
- Recreation and Tourism
- Transportation
- Human Settlements
- Economic Systems
- Population
The differences between the geology (underground study) and physical geography (study on the surface
of the earth).
Examples of Differences and links between geographies:
Ex. 9/11 Linked to Geography
- Economic geography: skyscrapers, poverty and affluence
- Urban Geography: density, building form, urban form
- Political Geography: terrorism and differential power, immigration, democracy, border policies.
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