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Lecture 8

GEOG233 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Balearic Islands, Community Cohesion, World Trade Organization

Geography and Environmental Management
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Judith Cukier

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Geog – Lec 8
Video 1:
- Costal area – b/w land and sea
- Richest ecosystem: mangro and coral reefs
- Cost under rapid urbanization – more than half of the earths population and
number is on the rise
- Most visited areas by tourists
- Tourism is the most important economic activity – islands, Balearic islands
- WTO- estimated the tourist arrivals – 340 million
- Adds to the population – puts the in habitatant
- Careless diving (scuba diving and swimming with dolphins)
- Special hotels – can decrease the environmental impact of tourism
Video 2
Majura – poorest paret of the Europe
- 40 years ago something happened
- Women, money, booze
Pop on 700 thousand bring the ppl who live there jobs and money
- Biggest problem is to much concrete
- Demand for new houses is growing
- The entire population doesn’t even reach 800 thousand
- Black money- income that hasn’t been taxed
- Property taxes raised to up to 30%
- British german maybe Russians
- German come they come with the money and see what the can buy for t
oBought houses here and make it harder for the
Socio-Cultural Impacts
Social Impacts >>> Society
Cultural Impacts >>> Culture
Culture and Society are inherently related
The Social Geography of Tourism
The relationships between society and space.
International societal relations
Between tourist generating and receiving societies
Intra-national societal relations
Between different societal groups within tourist destination
The Cultural Geography of Tourism
The relationships between cultures and space.
International cultural relations
Between tourist generating and receiving cultures
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